Exhibits Profile

Exhibition range
1, Bank finances
Commercial banks, investment banks, exchange banks, internet banks, pawnbrokers, etc;
2, Insurance wealth investment
Property insurance, corporate insurance, life insurance, liability insurance, credit insurance, profitable insurance;
3, Financial investment
Stocks, funds, treasury bonds, corporate bonds, futures, trust investment products, foreign exchange, etc;
Investment-type apartments, shops, villas, office buildings, property-style hotel, specialty business street, professional market, real estate consulting, etc;
4, Financial services
Wealth Investment advisory services, wealth investment software, wealth investment training, legal advisory services, financial equipment, wealth investment media and wealth investment tools, etc;
5, Entrepreneurial wealth
Investment and financing, entrepreneurial projects, franchise franchising, educational investment institutions, venture capital institutions, insustry and commerce tax consulting, etc;
6, Internet finance
P2P finance, consumption finance, internet wealth investment , internet insurance, etc.
7, Integrated finance
Family wealth investment planning, life wealth investment planning, insurance service planning, individual wealth investment advice, etc.

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