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 1, Hop Kee lamb noodle is a kind of meat, vegetarian, soup, food, rice and have the traditional flavor of snacks to taste delicious, affordable, renowned Central Plains. Hopewell is the predecessor of the old folks. 1953, Li Shaoqing and other 4 people to take over, because it is a partnership, renamed Hutchison Hotel, 1967, specializing in mutton lamb, changed its name to "Hop Kee Huimian Museum", commonly known as Hop Kee.
Hop Kee lamb noodles, the choice of fresh good fresh lamb, after repeated soaking pot, write Xuemo, into the whole material, the meat Zhulan. Another fine white flour, blended into the amount of saline and into a soft surface, after repeated rubbing, so that tendon tough. The following, the pot put the juice broth, the surface will be pulled into a thin wok, put lamb, accompanied by lily, fungus, water vermicelli. When served with coriander, chili oil, garlic and other small dish, the taste is more fresh. In mind, strict adherence to a bowl of a pot, never slacken, favored by the patrons, as Zhengzhou reputation of the cuisine.
2, Cai Ji steamed dumpling founder of Henan Changyuan County Cai Shijun, his son Cai Yongquan continue his father, and in 1949 moved to Dehua Street to continue operations, Cai remember steamed dumplings, wonton is the famous flavor of food in Zhengzhou, nearly eighty years Long sell not bad.
Cai mind steamed dumplings pay attention to, after the meat is shaved, to side playing with water, make meat filling strength, a variety of spices also according to a certain percentage, indispensable, steamed dumpling skin with half dead flour, repeatedly rub So that the dough gluten, and then roll into thin skin, put into the willow folds filling, so that the shape of cakes for the cakes, so Cai remember steamed dumplings with thin yellowish, bright color, filling full of transparent, handsome in appearance, Features. There are "out of Pepsi, the fragrance left mouth," the praise. 90 years later, Cai remember steamed dumplings have new development, research and development of the shrimp, ginger, celery, wood and other species, has become a unique "Cai remember steamed dumpling feast."

3, Kee Kee Braised Cake is the "Kyoto old number" Kee Kee Tan Bao Rou stew unique business of a flavor of food.
According to the "Zhengzhou food industry Chi" records, Ge remember stew cake business entrepreneur Mr. Ge Minghui, is the Qing Dynasty Manchu Xianghuang Banner, was born in 1882, he was 10 years old into the Beijing Ke palace work, gave Wang Ye coachman, Appreciation, he studious studious, leisure time often to the palace to help the kitchen. Hot cooking skills. At that time, the palace has a staple food larch cake, there is a jelly dish name jar meat. One day, the princes back to Fuchu, feel hungry, Geming Hui will preach, with the jar of meat for the princes stewed a small dish of cake, but also with mustard, coriander and a small bowl of soup, cake soft meat, soup refreshing, Plus appreciation. In the early years of the Republic, the war, Geming Hui to bring two sons to Henan to make a living, the distress was remembered by the princes greatly praised the jar meat stew cake, so, by a friend to help in Zhengzhou Railway Station near the "jar meat stew cake Museum" Ge Minghui personally stove, two children in the fight.
After the liberation, Ge Minghui and his second son has died, the eldest son of Ge to continue to operate, he inherited and developed his father's cooking techniques, so that the cooking of the altar of meat opened the altar aroma, after many years of painstaking efforts, Ge Kee Braised Cake became famous snack.
4, Ma Yuxing barrel chicken Xianxiang crisp, fat but not greasy Ma Yuxing barrel chicken, according to legend from the Northern Song Dynasty capital (Kaifeng) on the market of halogen chicken, Qing Xianfeng five years (1855), Ma Youren in Maifeng , Selling bucket chicken. In 1954, with the Henan provincial government moved to Zhengzhou, Ma Yuxing fifth-generation descendant Ma Fulin in Zhengzhou Dehua Street opened "Ma Yuxing poultry shop", thus, Ma Yuxing settled in Zhengzhou.
Ma Yuxing barrels hundred years is not bad, strict election materials, with 100 years old soup, the production of sophisticated technology. Selection of the barrel of chicken, must be growing in more than a year and a half, weighing 1.5 kg of full-fat hens. Under the pot of halogen system according to the size of the chicken, the old tender were arranged to master the first heat to the tender, after the old. Halogen soup special. The use of onions, ginger, pepper, fennel must be strictly selected to ensure that the taste is pure. Even the sale of barrels of chicken, the knife under the different parts of the chicken when the sub-soft side, hard side, with the cut, film, chop and other different blade in turn.
5, Xiao mind Sam Sun Huimian first in 1986, 19 years the company adhering to the "self-improvement, Houdezaiwu" the purpose of pioneering and innovative, determined to make progress, the pace of solid sound development of enterprises. Has become the province set up 12 stores in the large-scale catering enterprises.
Xiao Ji San Xian Cuisine Food City Nanyang store in January 2005 opened to the main Chinese eat "Xiaoji Sam Sun Huimian", "Xiao Kee mutton Tangguan package" and to Yu-based vegetables in Sichuan, Guangdong And other dishes more than 600 varieties of cooking, by Nanyang people love.
"Xiao Xiao Sam Sun Huimian" mainly in three soup (chicken soup, bone soup, mutton soup) as the base formula, it has three characteristics (but nourishing but fill, delicious but fresh, greasy but greasy), its unique flavor, quality Youmei the United States, which won the majority of consumers of all ages.

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