Why Exhibit?

Advantages of Zhengzhou Finance Expo
1, Millions of investment on advertisement guarantees higher return value
The organizers will invest millions of RMBs on advertisement to ensure a comprehensive coverage on the media including television, radio, mainstream paper-media, industrial mainstream websites, and information traffic website promotion. In addition, new-media including powerful WeChat accounts, Weibo VIPs, WeChat Moments and financial APPs  will be used for advertisements. Through the embedding and  mandatory advertisements, the 2018 financial Expo will fully covers 500 million audiences with a duration up to 4 months.
2, Joint effort from well-known financial companies for a win-win prosperity
The 2nd Zhengzhou Finance Expo 2018 will continue to screen the qualified  exhibitors with strict standards and invite well-known domestic and foreign financial companies to make a win-win prosperity of all the brands. Therefore, the 2nd Zhengzhou Finance Expo 2018 will bring the audience a professional, branded, high-standard, large-impact financial event.
3, Industry experts solve doubts face to face at the scene
The 2nd Zhengzhou Finance Expo 2018 will invite well-known domestic economists, industry professionals and experts, who will share with the audience their wisdom. Moreover, there are communication chances between the audience and honoured guests at the scene.
4, Several specialized forums open the opportunity to share the key knowledge
The 2nd Zhengzhou Finance Expo 2018 will organize several specialized forums on the Financial Market, Financial Technology, Industrial Chain, Investment Education, Family Management, Regulation and Self-regulation, respectively. Such multi-aspect discussion will bring the valuable information to the audience.
5, Rich live events make it a more meaningful exhibition
The organizers will continue to explore the enjoyment and creativity of the 2nd Zhengzhou Finance Expo 2018 based on the previous experience in organizing wealth management activities for children. There will be a variety of innovative theme activities and sweepstakes, which will break the past dull and boring show status. We believe the 2nd Zhengzhou Finance Expo 2018 will be a fun, rewarding and valuable exhibition in the 2.0 version.
 Professional audience organization
1, Invitation cards will be sent to the 5600 financial companies that will attend the Zhengzhou Finance Expo.
2, Invitation cards will be sent to the 30,000 professional financial management audience who will attend the Zhengzhou Finance Expo.
3, Invitation cards will be sent to 25,000 financial enterprises in 18 cities of Henan Province.
4, Invitation cards will be sent to Henan University, Zhengzhou University Business School, MBA training courses at Henan Institute of Finance and Henan Agricultural University, as well as CEO training courses from financial organizations.
5, Invitation cards will be sent to the joint bank agencies; and SMS invitation will be sent to thousands of VIP bank customers within Henan Province.
6, Invitation cards will be sent to the VIP high-end customer resources from airport and high-speed rail station services.
7, Invitation cards will be sent to the high-net-worth people through the industry associations, chambers of commerce, business departments, financial institutions and other channels.
8, Invitation cards will be sent to all kinds of financial companies with no detailed information by the way of floor-by-floor advertisement from the organizers.
9, The professional audience will be invited through professional media publicity.
10, The invited guests from the forum will indirectly bring professional audience and groups.

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