Why Visit?

1) Renowned financial enterprises in China and from abroad will gather in Zhengzhou .
Exhibitors will be chosen selectively. International foreign exchange enterprises and domestic well-known financial enterprises will be invited to participate in this exhibition. The market will have the opportunity to test financial products. As such, the event will help stimulate the development of the financial industry and upgrade the financial sector.
2) It offers professional guidance for citizens’ investment.
A common problem faced by most investors is how to choose the right investment products and investment channels among a large number of financial products on the market. The exhibition will organize a dedicated forum on this topic to provide professional insights into the issue.
3) It covers a large variety of topics.
The exhibition will set up seven exhibition areas, namely, finance, financial management, financial investment, financial services, start-up business, Internet finance and other. During the exhibition, exhibitors will organize all kinds of activities. The audience can win many prizes while learning about lots of financial products.

ADD:Zhengzhou Xinyi Road and Goldwater Road intersection Kai Lin IFC block B Room 401